Photo: Ele Pauletti -1999 - Title: Truth and beauty of the prophets. Photo: Ele Pauletti -1999 - Title: Truth and beauty of the prophets.

Note: the drug is the cure of the disease, to defeat the disease, the cry is the effect of fright; in this way the Modern Prophet is the effect of entrenched injustice.

Without injustices the Prophecy that I give you would remain just the Poet, the Priest-

" to the divine man that creates beauty, who dances in its ineffable beauty, and would not place the divine man who treats the wounded residues of beauty".

Modern Prophet is crying of the poet who wants to become "smile" of a poet, that's the nature of modern Prophet, who is not the soothsayer, but the spokesman for the great Light, of the divine cosmic consciousness.

He is: mouth-word-verb-eye of the wounded and dying life through the new modern war made of bombings to defenceless people and full of legalized abuses by the current powers, wounded and dying life.

He is sovereignty of the wounded life that will never bend in front of all those abuses and transgressions, but through the prophetic nature of many "nobody" who work as thinking form, who were born as" prophets ", to soothe the oppression of many, to abolish oppression of the most, to give conscience to those who cannot have it, to those who have taken away the conscience and the freedom to think and act, and has more conscience!

 Through word and positive thinking of modern prophecy, matrix of true beauty, and love in the fullness and freedom as possible: he is the creator of life, you all will be the creators of life, you will transform the Earth, you will create a new one and, this, in turn, will be transformed.

He will be father-mother and son on the way, people on their way; he was born when the Earth is so full of pain, but also so full of hope, to burst.


The ruling classes of the world say, by all means "... what is, what exists as the protection of their interests, has to live rightly so...", and this is their overriding justification;

but the prophetical talk of a global liberation cannot make sense according to the ruling classes.

Vain speeches, say the lords of the new war; war made to scrub through the planet, they are wreaking on the absurd, worsening the life, increasing pains that in young turn into destruction, not just personal, with death.

The lords of the new war want to bring confusion on the chaos, they are therefore bearers of confusion.

These, from this heaven from Earth, are radically hunted, everywhere and anywhere there is a suspect.

There is the need of" new heavens ", "new lands, "wolves grazing lambs."

To end today I would say that the Word of the new Prophecy, is the effect of "injury of the great Light" that the servants of power ascribed to their enemies, what they would like their enemies were.

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In this article, I would like to focus on Violence and provide an insight into all its various aspects.

It goes without saying that the approach to violence takes on either an objective or a subjective connotation depending on the subjects who use violence, i.e. the oppressed or the ruling class.

Put simply, it is impossible to equate the violence of the "Settler" with the violence of the "Colonized person": the violence of the Settler against the Colonised person and the violence of the latter against the former; these "two" kinds of violence are clearly distinct.

In fact, the violence of the Rich and the violence of the Poor are not the same thing: the Poor actually fight against the root of the power and try to redeem themselves from the violence suffered, which in turn addresses the weak and urges the poor to put the blame for their failure on the lowest, forever repeating the reasons underlying their own failure and oppression.

Obviously, the violence of the Poor who wants to take the place of the rich, thus vexing those who are equally poor or even poorer, looks like the violence of the Rich, since it is based on the same feelings of envy, oppression, grudge and revenge.

This behaviour feeds the violence of the Rich and is also responsible for it.

This violence-revenge does not express the urgency to totally overcome one’s status of exploited or exploiter, as the "grudge" does not rely on "the Last will be the First, and the First will be the Last, so that there will be neither First nor Last."

However, from a logical point of view, the violence used by the "Rich" is different, because the rich can draw on countless resources to act in the name of beauty, magnanimity, mercy, pity and in harmony with the whole world, while the Servants are needy and deprived of the enlightened rationality, therefore they are generally less free and aware than the Rich or even than those who are neither rich nor poor, but released from opposing antagonisms.

Someone asked us: "Modern prophetism often talks about God, so what is God for you? And what religion do you profess? What is the meaning of this word? Are there any other Gods? If so, who are they?" 

A. as soon as you cease to be, you will become God.

However, please remember that Modern Prophetism has always regarded this entity as "The Great Light", I will tell you why later on.

All the religions, without any exception, believe that men have had a soul since their birth.

Throughout the history of mankind, Giorgio Gurdjieff is the only one who has astonishingly said: "You don’t have any soul."

The only one! Despite the various religions.

Gurdjieff stands out from the crowd and claims that men have no soul; therefore, the place intended for the soul is actually empty.

Anyhow, we may try to create it.

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