Concept of Love

Concept of Love (2)

Without love, men can be rich, famous, healthy, but their mental sphere is poor, because they do not know the values ​​of their inner world.

Mental health is the scent of the roses that blossom in your heart ... and lovers are the only ones who do not need any psychological treatment!

Meaning of Love – Concept of Love

Суббота, 22 апреля 2017 10:56 Автор
We have been asked: "How many people write articles about Modern Prophetism? And then, can you tell us something more about love, considering that you talk about it in every article?" A. My answer begins with this assertion: We are one, no one and one hundred thousand, as stated by Pirandello. But now let us focus on love, which is the core issue. Life is an opportunity: it has no purpose. It is the soil where the roses of love…

The Meaning of Love – The first Step towards Love

Суббота, 22 апреля 2017 14:38 Автор
Love is an encounter, an orgasmic match, between death and life. If you do not know love, then you will ignore the meaning of life. You were born, you have lived, you have died ... but you still ignore it. You know nothing about the in-between: love! This interval is the highest peak. There are the four steps towards love. The first: to be here and now; (i.e. to be present) because love is possible only here and now. You…

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