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Fanaticism-Power and Limits of Fanaticism

Power and limits of fanatic doctrines.

The power and the strength of a community does not only depend on the members or components and on their number, but very much on the economic component, but even more on the doctrine that prophesies and that everyone carries out. Let's see therefore how a fanatical doctrine (and we see even today with the Isis) often increases a community's power.

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Dethroning the Powerful

Only following the path "of the last who shall be first, and the first last" (thus avoiding the concept of “last”, “first”, “coincidence” and “removal of opposites”), we can feel universal love, which will enable us to love and help both our friends and enemies looking for humanization; just like the sun, we shall spread light, life and warmth not only to our friends, but also to the secret needs of our enemies.

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Animism - Definition of Animism

Animism is a power of the soul, its effect on men is always positive, somehow divine.

But what is soul?

It is the spiritual component of men in contrast to their body; it has nothing to do with mind and intellect, or with heart and feelings, as the ancient animists and the modern psychology of the unconscious believe.

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The Importance of Word and Time

Over the life cycle of men and books, in particular of those dealing with life like this one, the final chapter and the closing sentence are - perhaps coincidentally - the most important steps. Probably some articles have succeeded, albeit marginally, in addressing or inspiring some readers, therefore I would like to add: "Upon the drafting of this text, I listened to my heart, which in turn answered the call of our troubled time! Therefore, I decided to subject our works to constant scientific checks in order to emphasise the substance and content, and now I would like to let my heart talk about the importance of "word" and "time" within modern prophetism.

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Politics and Religion

Politics and Religion should be simple: I do not mean that they are easy, but they are not complicated, life is not complicated; all the difficulties arise from the mind, which – if left free to run – tends to prevail over the others.

Politicians and philosophers find it very difficult – sometimes impossible - to become humanists (i.e.: to love mankind), since the deeper the knowledge, the greater the difficulty, but the difficulty depends on us; we create it by means of power and money, but complexity cannot match with simplicity, with love.

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Modern Prophets

Note: the drug is the cure of the disease, to defeat the disease, the cry is the effect of fright; in this way the Modern Prophet is the effect of entrenched injustice.

Without injustices the Prophecy that I give you would remain just the Poet, the Priest-

" to the divine man that creates beauty, who dances in its ineffable beauty, and would not place the divine man who treats the wounded residues of beauty".

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The Meaning of Life

If you want to find your way, you'll first need to know what is the meaning of life and understand how it can be achieved.

Mainly there are three forms of human achievement: employment, social and sexual.

I skip the first two to analyse with you the existential problem through socialization; every single human being reveals unerringly what his meaning of life is.

If you look inside yourself, you will understand that a good solution to the problems of life is to always open the door to the other, and we belong to the term "other" as well. You will ask me: "what is your opinion on the meaning of life?"

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The Love of Fear

The love of fear- the refusal of pleasure - Fear paralyzes will

The relation between "rich-poor"; "servant-master" divides all, it divides especially the consciences of those who have an interest in the destruction of that relationship.

The Biblical prophetic wisdom expresses this situation in the right way: "In a State of oppression even a wise becomes a fool" (Ecclesiastes 6-7), it is above all the fear that folds even strongest consciences...

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The Forgiveness

We were asked to clarify the concept of forgiveness.

Forgive, does not mean forgetting, obliterate, means researching the true causes that have resulted in unfair malicious behavior, derive meaning, discover the objective, institutional, cultural, and correct it..

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The Canticle of the Promised Land

In our world, the just do not exist, because there can be no prevailing justice, and the just are often killed, persecuted, deceived (whereas the opposite occurs in the Promised Land): the just, i.e. those who act with liberality and full awareness, are crucified. "... Does not ride a horse on the hills full of beauty and love ..." (prophet Isaiah.)

How many crucified virtuous men will it take, before we shall revive in the glory and in light of the return of the Promised Land? We know that Isaiah’s vision addresses the need for justice and truth.

In the Canticle of the Promised Land, we know that the behaviour of the just shall be immeasurably rewarded. However, we must all recreate this ancient land, which is now almost extinct, and to this end, we must be "Just and Eternal."

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Human Rights

Prophetic Knowledge

The New Man

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