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The Mistaken Interpretation of Non Violence

I want to evoke the historical personality of Gandhi, so similar to that of Jesus; you should not forget what he actually taught, not what they would make him to say.

In his diary, “old as mountains: the truth and non-violence,” he says, “if I had to choose between armed struggle and cowardice, the truth teaches me to choose armed struggle; but just because I'm a follower of truth, the truth, when there is no cowardice and there is awareness and courage, teach me the path of non-violence”.

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The Network and the Modern Prophetism

Modern Prophetism circulates on the network, since the network provides a bridge, as evidenced by a modern prophet, Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church.

In fact, to use his words: "We are at war, but this is not a religion war";

Well, I think that "In a society where war does not bring any return and everybody - in every social class – only takes a huge loss, there shall be no war."

Therefore, we shall use modern prophetism to fight, with clear words of peace, against the masters of war, who take advantage of  deluded people deprived of true values such as:

- Respect for life,
- Respect for the ideologies of others,
- Respect for the territory,
- Respect for the property of others.

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