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Peoples and Nations

Peoples and Nations (2)

History of Peoples and Nations, interpreted according to modern Prophetism.

Europe and the Secret History of Italy

Понедельник, 21 ноября 2016 14:45 Автор
Now, think about the unification of Italy and then focus on the current events in Europe. Europe has introduced a single currency - the euro - for all the peoples as Italy did with its language. But was it actually a positive thing? Could it be that some truths and freedoms have been omitted? What is the secret history of Italy, which was established and created to meet the needs of the ruling class? What is its hidden origin?

The Soul of Europe and the Germanic People

Понедельник, 21 ноября 2016 14:41 Автор
Colonialism began in Europe and, just like a boomerang, has returned to Europe after the onset of National Socialism. The German people are not to blame for this phenomenon; in fact, when cancer affects an organ, this is not due to the organ itself, but rather to the whole body which has generated it: Empire, Antisemitism, Capitalism, Colonialism, Communism, Mafia, Freemasonry, Patriarchal Family, Slavery.. After all, the true representatives of a population are its best citizens (for "10" honest persons…

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