Dear readers, this website is not intended for the faithful, but talks about faith; it does not address politicians, but deals with politics; it does not call on philosophers, but sometimes focuses on philosophy; it is neither rational nor practical, because none of them can help or promote the growth of other persons (and ours as well, intended as individuals), therefore, this nomad-partisan website is designed for all the free men who love any kind of freedom, not only the freedom of thought.

All the religious texts contain this sentence: "you have to know yourself to get what you want; love your neighbour as yourself": probably, you have already read them countless times; they may sound simplistic, but actually contain principles and truths that fly in the face of everyday life.

Knowing ourselves means feeling useful: if we all could understand it, we would find harmony and faith instead of clashes, guerrillas and oppressions.


This website just proposes to establish a network of freethinkers who, like a cloud spreading peace in the world, are able to develop positive thoughts in order to oppose any domination and slavery, currently arising from wrong thoughts and ideologies.

We believe that everyone has the duty and freedom to express themselves, even taking inspirations from the ideas of other people, and that other men, especially the new nomads-partisans of peace, have the task of reading before judging. 

Those who judge without a full knowledge of the situation cannot be objective, since their judgement will always be biased.

Men’s feelings and vibrations: that is what really matters.

I would like to address all those who will join with liberalist strength and truth: "It is impossible to give someone something that they did not have before, or at least that they did not wish, otherwise it cannot be regarded as a gift."

Any answer or cooperation must be first requested; this is the reason why many clear things are not recognised as if they did not exist at all.

We will be guided by the great "Light" of the American Indians, especially the Native Americans, who were all animists.

An ancient song says that: "Men and peoples may be killed, but their thoughts and their joy when they dreamed of freedom cannot be killed."

May this "birth" deliver the fruit of freedom, promote an increasing friendship and sincerity and bring peace to the world.


I am “Nobody” and this is what I would like to say.



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