Modern Prophetism acts via the Internet, through a network which becomes a bridge enabling the development of positive thought to oppose any domination and slavery, currently arising from wrong thoughts and ideologies. We believe that everyone has the duty and freedom to express themselves.

The modern prophet is the result of deeply-rooted injustice, is the cry of the Poet which wants to turn into a "laughter": this is the nature of the modern prophet who is not a fortune-teller.

The modern prophet (the prophet of the Internet era) is not authoritative, but rather uses the network to:

- denounce the injustice of society and those elements which obstruct the proper development of the individuals and their community;

- offer an alternative (contribute) for the good of the community.

He/she acts as the mouth - word - verb - eye of the fading life wounded by a new war fought against unarmed people and characterised by legalized oppressions by the rulers.

The wounded sovereignty of life will never get down on bended knee in front of oppressions and abuses of power, since the prophetism of numerous "Nobodies", acting as forms of thinking, will lead to the rise of the "prophets", aiming at soothing the oppression of many people, abolishing the oppression of most of the people, raise the awareness among those who cannot be aware, among those who have been deprived of their awareness and freedom of thought and action, or among those who are unaware!  

Through words and positive thinking, the prophets will act as the actual matrix of beauty, since he/she is pure love in the possible fullness and freedom: he/she will be a creator of life, you will be all creators of life, you will transform our world and create a new one and the latter will be, in turn, transformed. He/she will be the father-mother and son on the move, peoples on the move;

Prophetism arises when the world and so full of pain, but also of hope, that it may explode.



The Nature of Prophetism

The Nature of Prophetism


Isaiah conveys an important message 

which reveals the nature of Prophetism" The true worship of God is to undo the thongs of the yoke around the neck of the oppressed and set the slaves free, share your bread with the hungry, bring the homeless poor into your house...  then your righteousness will go before you, and the power of the Lord will be your rear guard... If you struggle for freedom, if you eradicate any kind of exploitation, if you removed any thought envious, evil word and threatening to arrogant gesture, if the soul addresses the needs of the weak and heals the wounded soul, then your light shall rise in the darkness...  and you will be called healers, rediscoverers of feelings to make the happy beings. Bible; Prophet Isaiah: 58.

Dear friends of "modern prophetism", let us focus on the canticle of Isaiah, let us be overwhelmed  by its evocative power and welcome its wish for justice and freedom.

We are aware of the fact that, unfortunately, injustice prevails in our world and righteous persons are often killed, persecuted or deceived.

The opposite of what should be happens on this Earth: the guardians of freedom and knowledge are crucified.

How many just will be crucified before they can resurrect it in the glory of their Light?

We know that the vision of Isaiah meets a need for justice and truth, in fact Isaiah's words are true from an animistic point of view.

However, we know that the just mentioned by Isaiah will benefit from an immeasurable reward.

We must make Isaiah's words come true at any time and in any place.

We must be the "Just” and the “Eternal" at the same time.

But how can we succeed in this task if we are so powerless, inconsistent and fragile with our insignificant actions?

Well, first of all, we must follow the vision of the Prophet with our mind and body.

This vision will turn us from humble subjects into kings and queens, into the "Knights of the Round Table."

We know that "No one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again" (Gospel.)

Those born again goes through the death inevitable: "Passion-Death, Rebirth-Resurrection "; but one thing is to get to the Hades, Death (real or symbolic) prepared by a powerful initiation, protected by a powerful vision, another thing is to be prepared by the meanness of a small vision, from the meanness - properties of a reality "Servant - Master."

Therefore we must work and dream accordingly, so that  the Righteous, humiliated and massacred, have their resurrection everywhere, inside and outside us,  so that the “sacrifice of Abel" turn into the "resurrection of Abel."

The canticle of Isaiah should not lead to frustration, mockery, delusion and dissociation since "it will never be", but rather be regarded as “a never which becomes today."

This is the reason why we must always look for truth... wherever it might be.

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The project of Modern Prophecy was born on 24 June 2016. From the beginning we have imposed to address the issues from a scientific point of view without bias. We do not deal with intellectual investigations, or the why of things, we do not want to know what truth is, but how to achieve and implement it.

We are not a party, movement or sect; we will never add any sponsored link or call for a vote or abstention to our website, we have no chairman or scientific committee; we do not require any registration, subscription or donation.

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