The Meaning of Life, If you want to find your way, you'll first need to know what is the meaning of life and understand how it can be achieved.  Mainly there are three forms of human achievement: employment, social. "... all life inevitably runs to its ends, it is our job to fill it with the colours of love and hope." The winged horse, which carries two lovers in triumph on the population (mankind) to represent the meaning of life reached through the interest for our fellow man. The Meaning of Life, If you want to find your way, you'll first need to know what is the meaning of life and understand how it can be achieved. Mainly there are three forms of human achievement: employment, social. "... all life inevitably runs to its ends, it is our job to fill it with the colours of love and hope." The winged horse, which carries two lovers in triumph on the population (mankind) to represent the meaning of life reached through the interest for our fellow man. Photo: Marc Chagall -The song of Solomon IV 1958.

If you want to find your way, you'll first need to know what is the meaning of life and understand how it can be achieved.

Mainly there are three forms of human achievement: employment, social and sexual.

I skip the first two to analyse with you the existential problem through socialization; every single human being reveals unerringly what his meaning of life is.

If you look inside yourself, you will understand that a good solution to the problems of life is to always open the door to the other, and we belong to the term "other" as well. You will ask me: "what is your opinion on the meaning of life?"

I'll not answer in a rhetorical way, instead I will reveal a technique that won't be neither philosophical nor intellectual, we do not deal with intellectual problems and investigations, I don't care about the reasons of things: I care about the how, rather than what is the truth for the realization of life, but the way it can be achieved and implemented.

There are men who understood this, who knew the meaning of life, and that is what care to humanity trying to develop social engagements.

In all religions there is solicitude for man's salvation, all the big social and political movements are fighting to increase the social commitment: religion and politics are the most important attempts to accomplish this, intellectual or psychological problems is very easy, but face an existential problem, not just thinking about it, but living it fully, crossing it, I tell you sincerely my friends, is difficult: both for the individual and for religions and politics, these were too often misinterpreted, if there are not prophetic inspiration, in this way they can do more than they're doing, one has to be more deeply engaged with truth to realize this common task.

We are not the only members of the human race who live in societies; the individual human being is weak and limited, if he remains isolated is impossible for him to continue the goals pursued.

If man lived alone and tried to face his problems would perish, he would not be able to catty on his life, nor to make the life of mankind continue as he is linked to others by the weakness of his limitations, the most important step for the well-being of all is to associate in cooperation with other brothers: this is the oldest struggle of humanity: to ensure that men are associated, as it is only thanks to the interest of our fellows that great advances of all your human race have been achieved.

Each has its own task, which means, that each of us must take responsibility and solve social problems in a spirit of cooperation; none is higher, none lower in new prophetic political hierarchy, everyone carries his sense of life transmitting it.

Everything asked to a human being is the highest praise he could be given, is that he is a good worker, a real, a love builder, a friend to all men.

In just one word, I can say that, he should prove to be a good man, a real man.

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Question: "We live in a terrible age, our world is ruled by violence: what is the opinion of modern prophetism? What will happen to us and to the world?" Thank you, you are really smart! Giulia from Modena.

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Answer: If we consider our history, we will realise that men have always been at war.

Life is impossible: it should not be like this, but there is nothing that we can do about it!

Actually, we tend to think that this part of the century will influence the future and determine the fate of mankind.

This decisive period will lead to the extinction of mankind, followed by the total destruction of life on the Earth, or will result in the birth of a new man.


- A man who does not hate life, as happened in the past; a man truly able to love life.

- A man who is affirmative instead of negative.

- A man who does not aim at life after death, but fully enjoys each moment and regards this life as a gift, instead of a punishment.

- A man who is not be the enemy of his body, but rather respects it as the temple of his soul.

- A man who is able to love and does not fear it; a man who establishes various kinds of relations and yet does not reject his identity.


There is no longer a third alternative.

Under the current conditions, man cannot survive.

He must change and evolve, or he will die and leave the Earth!


But we believe that "something" or "someone" will come, because life appeared only on our tiny planet, a trifle – just think about the Earth’s size: it is just a grain of sand in the universe- and the creator of life will surely protect it!

This must be the luckiest place in the whole universe: the birds sing, the trees grow and bloom, men are alive and, in spite of the haters, love, sing, dance and help one another ...

Something amazing has happened, and we know that it will be always so!

Love is an encounter, an orgasmic match, between death and life.

If you do not know love, then you will ignore the meaning of life.

You were born, you have lived, you have died ... but you still ignore it.

You know nothing about the in-between: love! This interval is the highest peak.

There are the four steps towards love.

The first: to be here and now;

(i.e. to be present) because love is possible only here and now.

You cannot love in the past (it is dead!)

Most people live in the past, relying on their memories and past love.

Other people will love in the future; but this is wrong as well.

These are ways to avoid love.

Love is possible only in the present, since this is the only moment when death and life meet ... inside the dark interval hidden inside you.

That dark interval is always present ... it always exists, it never ceases to be!

It is neither past nor future.

Overthinking - thinking is always connected either to the past or to the future – will divert your energies from the ability to feel.

And feeling is here and now.

If your energies move within the pattern of your thinking, they will not be enough to allow you to enter the feeling spheres ... and love cannot exist.

Therefore, the first step is to be here and now (in the present time.)

The future (whenever he will come) and the past (which does not come back) both rely on the above-mentioned concept: any wrong thinking (relating to memories or regrets) destroys the feeling: over time, those who are too obsessed with thinking tend to forget their heart.

Over time, those who are immersed in thinking start to follow a path where feeling has no voice.

If you do not listen to your feeling, the latter will leave you soon.

Millions of people live in these conditions, i.e. they neglect their heart.

They simply regard it as a pump.

They just focus on their head.

But the head is an end of the body; it is necessary, it acts as an amazing tool, but must be used as a servant.

The head should not be our master.

When the head is the master and the heart is left aside, men live, die, but will never know God, since they are not familiar with love.

At first glance, the same dark interval looks like love ... and when we completely surrender to it, it becomes God.

Love is the beginning of God ... or God is the highest peak of love.

We have been asked: "How many people write articles about Modern Prophetism? And then, can you tell us something more about love, considering that you talk about it in every article?"

A. My answer begins with this assertion: We are one, no one and one hundred thousand, as stated by Pirandello.

But now let us focus on love, which is the core issue.

Life is an opportunity: it has no purpose.

It is the soil where the roses of love blossom.

Love has its own intrinsic value: it is deprived on any purpose and logic.

It is endless, but its meaning is immense; in fact, it contains an infinite joy, a special ecstasy.

However, these values do not fall within logic.

Love is not a business with its own targets to be achieved.

There is always a touch of madness in love.

But what is madness?

Madness actually exists, because it is impossible to explain the reason why we love someone; because it is impossible to find a logical meaning for our love.

You may do some business because you need money to buy a house, as you need a shelter; how could you live without it?

In our everyday life, every thing has its precise purpose, but love ... cannot be explained.

You may say: "I just know that when we love, we get in touch with the most beautiful space hidden inside ourselves."


But Love is not the ultimate aim.

That space is not in our mind.

It cannot be turned into a consumer good.

That space is a rose bud tempered by the morning dew which shines like a pearl.

At dawn, in the early morning breeze, the rose bud dances in the first sunrays.

Love is the dance of life!

Therefore, those who do not know love miss the opportunity to take part in the dance of life and grow like roses; please, remember that I am not talking only about love between two persons.

This is the reason why, according to a guided by science, information technology, mathematics, economy and politics, love is a kind of madness.

Love looks like madness to those who do not know it.

Conversely, to those who know it, love alone can bring mental health.

Without love, men can be rich, famous, healthy, but their mental sphere is poor, because they do not know the values ​​of their inner world.

Mental health is the scent of the roses that blossom in your heart ... and lovers are the only ones who do not need any psychological treatment!

Actually, love is the most powerful healing energy in life.

Those who do not know it are empty and unsatisfied.

Common madness has neither logic nor method, while the kind of madness called love has its own peculiar method, but what is it?

Well, love fills us with joy, turns our life into a holiday or a song, and brings endless peace.

Have you noticed that?

When you fall in love (with life or a religion, etc.) you do not need to declare your love.

Your look is more intense; your face is brighter and more beautiful than ever.

Your gait turns into a dance.

You are the same person as before, but, at the same time, you are no longer that person.

Love has entered your life; Spring has come and flowers have blossomed in your soul.

Love brings immediate changes.

Those who cannot love are neither intelligent nor beautiful.

Their life is a tragedy.

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