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The Freedom of the Peoples

Peoples will never be free if they do not get rid of their rulers: according to the latter, in fact, the masses must be poorly educated, just to meet the awareness requirements of the State-Country.

The counter-revolution, which has always been popular among the peoples, despises the awareness of the masses, especially when they ask for greater freedom and happiness.

Nowadays, this is happening in Africa, but, not so long ago, it involved: Vietnam, Cambodia, the Jewish world, the massacre of Beirut, the Persian issue, the Arabic culture, Jordan and Palestine ... and many other peoples not mentioned here. So many peoples on the Earth are looking for independence from the Curial classes falling within the patronage system.

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Law enters the Service

Law enters the service of men and not vice versa, it supports the weak, regardless of their identity, however it is not suitable for the current history as well as for the existing, future and unattainable justice (messiahship.)

A new force has arisen, or had already arisen, from these writings and revelations. Thus you have given wings to these creatures, writings and awareness.

Nowadays, just like a swan song, I can write about it, since the struggles of serfs, proletarians, colonised and rebels protect me, enabling me to create free spaces (for all the readers); truth will set us free, this is the reason why I write down the truth living inside me.

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