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Canticle of Mary and the Prophets – The Divine Law

I am not afraid to repeat the truth, which is as ancient as the mountains and, to this end, I quote Lao-Tze, the founder of philosophical Taoism.

Lao-Tze stated that "the Tao, the divine law, is like an archer: it raises what is low and lowers what is high; conversely, the human law is quite the opposite: it increases the wealth of the rich and the  poverty of the poor" (Lao-Tze.)

Therefore, if we want to be sons of the Heaven, peaceful men or sons of God, we must adapt our thoughts, words and actions to the divine law, which is particularly hard in this world ruled by steadiness, stagnation and coding of impressive inequalities which are said to belong to the natural order of things.

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Dethroning the Powerful

Only following the path "of the last who shall be first, and the first last" (thus avoiding the concept of “last”, “first”, “coincidence” and “removal of opposites”), we can feel universal love, which will enable us to love and help both our friends and enemies looking for humanization; just like the sun, we shall spread light, life and warmth not only to our friends, but also to the secret needs of our enemies.

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